The world's most complete and comprehensive encyclopedia about Keyboard Instruments  dating back to 1788.  Includes extensive historical data, an exhaustive index, full cross-references, and more than 8,000 valuable illustrations of rare Keyboard Instruments made by master builders of the golden ages through today.  A monumental and superbly well-organized reference that will truly delight and enlighten any piano aficionado, historian, researcher,  professor, student, technician, merchant and more ...... Order Today!

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to look into your latest book. The 'Piano Encyclopedia'.  We can confirm what everybody says and writes about it. Your work is extremely extensive in the sense of an historical review as well as a major source for piano making. We can´t appreciate enough your outstanding work. We are sure that you have earned an extraordinary qualification unique in our field because of the quantity of the facts, data, and cross references that your book offers.”

Dr. Michael Niessen, L.Bösendorfer Pianofactory GmbH


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Dr. Christian Blüthner-Haessler of Blüthner-Piano


“Jens Witter has created a mammoth work he now calls the World Piano Bible.  With an additional 10,000 entries from its previous mark of 30,000, one way to describe this work is as a ‘Pierce Piano Atlas on steroids.’  In addition to the expected serial numbers, additional information includes factory owners, locations, historical examples of advertising, and current contact information, if available. The work even includes information on museums or other locations of famous examples of piano building history.”

Keith Akins, RPT, Editor of the Piano Technicians Journal


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Bruce Clark, Design Engineer for Mason & Hamlin


"Can't wait to have it in my hands, not on the book shelf-but in my hands! We have talked all night about it and I couldn’t sleep because of your book!”

Rick Overton, Brodmann Piano


“This book is of extraordinary significance and of international acclaim, because it provides a much greater depth and scope of information about unknown piano makers and dealers than any other encyclopedia of its kind.  This work represents Professor Witter’s standing as a world class musicologist and piano-researcher.”

Taylor Mackinnon, RPT, Past-President of the Piano Technicians Guild


“The World Piano Bible is the ultimate piano history ‘Book of Knowledge' and a great contribution to both the history and industry of pianos…”

Tom Lagomarsino of PianoDisc


“Your significant work will have a major impact on all people working in the field of key instruments.  As a piano maker and author of the ‘Piano Encyclopedia‘ you have made a major contribution of significance to our field.”

Max Matthias, President of the European Union of Piano Maker Associations


“With the publication of your Piano Encyclopedia, you have enriched the series of references about the development of piano making, with an extremely extensive work.”

Klaus Baumgaertel, B.&K. Baumgaertel GmbH



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