The world's most complete and comprehensive encyclopedia about Keyboard Instruments  dating back to 1788.  Includes extensive historical data, an exhaustive index, full cross-references, and more than 8,000 valuable illustrations of rare Keyboard Instruments made by master builders of the golden ages through today.  A monumental and superbly well-organized reference that will truly delight and enlighten any piano aficionado, historian, researcher,  professor, student, technician, merchant and more ...... Order Today!

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The world’s most comprehensive and thorough Encyclopedia of more than 39,000 Makers and Dealers of Keyboard Instruments around the world!  Available soon in English, French, and German versions.

This authoritative Guide is essential and is a "must have" for all serious collectors and makers of Keyboard Instruments. It's an invaluable reference for every Professional, Piano Technician, Student, Music Merchant, keyboard enthusiast, and is a real treasure for public and academic libraries. Also, contains  action makers and piano part suppliers, international city indexes, patents, and  specific information about where to locate certain instruments in museums, private collections, and organizations.

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This extraordinary collection showcases over 8,000 color images of rare Keyboard Instruments made by master builders of the golden ages, including full-color images of their Portraits, Factories as well as contemporary Keyboard Instruments, Pianos, Reed & Pipe Organs, Harpsichords, Players, etc.  Includes well-known manufacturers like Bechstein,  Boesendorfer, Fazzioli, Steinway & Sons, among other long forgotten manufacturers  that cannot be found in any other single reference work.


Many Keyboard Instrument makers disappeared during the wars in Europe, and may have later relocated to the USA or Canada and can now be found in this world-wide research featuring their "new" names and "updated facts" and "essential" information. This incomparable reference offers an expanded size and vast layout containing substantial amounts of pertinent information including beautiful and informative illustrations.

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